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Licence Application Support

If you’ve read the new regulations from Health Canada, then you know how demanding the process will be.

In order to get licensed, owners and key personnel from prospective businesses will need to pass security screening, establish suitable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), meet physical security requirements, and have the facility approved by inspectors.

It may sound like a lot, but having already gone through this process for ourselves and a number of our suppliers, our team knows how to navigate the application procedures.

We are a BC-based Licenced Producer run by a team of industry veterans who will work with you to produce a solid, professional application for Health Canada and then see you through the process.


Cannabis Cultivation Consultation

From nutrient and lighting regiments to production calendars and seasonal selection of genetics, we have a team of specialists working in all aspects of cannabis cultivation who will be happy to answer your questions.

Ask our Master Growers anything. That’s what they’re there for.



Our expertise in building & consulting ensure you a peace of mind.


The new licencing system requires all growers to sell to licenced processors only for distribution, who serve as brokers in this economy.

This is particularly pertinent for independent growers, as quality assurance and compliant packaging will now be handled by the licenced processors. These processors will then facilitate the sale of formally approved cannabis to medical retailers and provincial distribution systems.

As a Licenced Producer, BCCS will not only guide you through this process to ensure that your cannabis is up to standard, but will also purchase your product for competitive market prices and bring it to retail.

We will perform all the required tests, package your product, formally approve it for sale, and then enter it into the distribution system at the best price possible.




BC Craft Grower is always looking for former investment to grow our brand,

For further information on our investment please contact us.

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-Rob Brown