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How We Can Help

If you’ve read the new federal regulations for cannabis cultivation in Canada, then you know how demanding they can be.

Small businesses without the resources of their larger competitors will have the hardest time adapting to the new market because of Health Canada’s requirements for licencing and operations.

We’ve done our best to outline the challenges presented by the new licencing system here.

But you don’t need to let these regulations hold you back. Though the challenges are great, the opportunities are even greater. Now is the time to become a licenced micro-cultivator in Canada, so let us help to get you there.

We are a craft-focused, BC-based Licenced Producer run by a team of industry veterans who will work with you to produce a solid, professional application for Health Canada and then see you through the process.

Our team of industry veterans offers craft cultivators one-on-one support for growing techniques, quality assurance, facility design, security clearances, health and safety standard compliance, staff training, product distribution, and more. Let us connect you with our network of brokers across the province, on Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, Fraser Valley, the Okanagan, Nelson, and the Kootenays.

We support our clients through the transition into the new, legal market so that they can stay focused on the growth of their company and get onto the market with the best possible price for their product.

The Cannabis market is changing. We’ll make sure that you’re ready. Contact us today to get started.

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