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The newly proposed system of Cannabis cultivation licences is designed to facilitate the growth of a diverse, competitive, legal industry of large and small players across Canada, but there are challenges for micro cultivators.

Micro cultivators are limited to 2150 square feet of canopy space, can hold only one licence per facility address, and can not sell directly to retailers or the Liquor Distribution Branch. You can learn more about the new licencing system and regulations here.

As you’ll see, the licence application alone is a long, extensive, and expensive process that reaches across all aspects of the cultivator’s organization, without any guarantee of approval. Even to be considered for a licence, the federal government requires a site layout and facility design, risk management programs, standard operating procedures, quality assurance reports, and security protocols.

For a small company, the application process can be a big challenge. But don’t worry, you don’t need to do this alone. Click here to read about how we can help.

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