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Craft growers will be playing a major role in today’s new cannabis market.

Canada’s  All-Craft Licenced Producer

Urban Craft Growers  is a craft-focused Licenced Producer partnering with B.C.’s best craft cultivators to bring top-quality bud to the market. Our main focus is to support small businesses that lack the resources of larger companies, giving them the advantage they need to stay competitive.

Become a Licenced Grower

Our team of industry veterans can assist you with one-on-one support for cultivation and quality assurance, facility design, security clearances, health and safety standard compliance, staff training, product distribution, and more. We will see you through the transition into the new, legal market so that you can stay focused on the growth of your company and get onto the market with the best possible price for your product.

The Importance of Craft

Craft means care. At the heart of our operation are the people who care about the quality of their product and who take pride in their labour. In return we offer a fair price for a fair day’s work, ensuring the success of small businesses and local communities across the nation. For us craft is more than a product – it’s a way of life that’s worth supporting.

Grow For Us

We guarantee that if your product receives a quality assurance stamp of approval, we will buy all of your product at market prices. Growers also receive full access to our resources, experience, strategic partnerships, and vast distribution network. All you have to do is keep growing the world-class bud that BC is known for.

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